“…to provide a client centred service which responds to people with respect and dignity at all times.”

-our philosophy


Lions Emergency Accommodation Centre Inc. (LEAC) is an incorporated body, a part of the Lions International Organisation, and supported and managed by Lions and Lioness clubs from Districts 201Q3 and 201Q4. The Management Committee members consist of Lions and Lionesses and can also include Special Members.

LEAC Inc. has been working with people who are homeless since 1979. Funded under the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) since 1985 and supported by Lions and Lioness Clubs, it offers a multi-target generalist crisis service in the Sunshine Coast Region.





LEAC Inc. actively participates in networks and works in partnership with key organisations on the Sunshine Coast to enhance outcomes for service users. LEAC Inc also contributes to community education about Homelessness and Domestic and Family Violence and to the social development of the region.